# Why I Use a simple analog face on a $800 apple watch

My Apple watch

# First things first

Apple products are really expensive due to extra import taxes in India. My aluminium apple watch CELLULAR + Milanese band costed me INR 60000 which translates to roughly $ 810

# What do I use the Apple Watch for ?

I wear my apple watch every single day and literally all the time from the time I wake up till I sleep. Being able to charge it only while I freshen up and have my breakfast or while I'm sleeping/napping.

I use my apple watch for a plethora of tasks and love its simplicity along with its ability to do immensely complex tasks for a device so small. I regularly use it listen to music without my phone, use it for taking calls, use it to monitor my workouts, use it to view the calendar, use it to view my reminders and some workout notes on the draft app and the stock prices and if i need to carry an umbrella and the list goes on.

# Now lets get to the point

But for the majority of the time, the apple watch is just displaying the time and serving its intended purpose as a simple wrist watch.

And when I work or in general I don't want to be bogged down by random notifications and random information which definitely is not meaningful and disturbs the inner peace of the mind. I have all my notificaitons switched off on the watch (except for the calls/facetime) because I have come to the realization that nothing is actually urgent and everything can be attended to later. What actually matters is the peace of mind by not having to react to every ding or a dong like a trained monkey.

And the analog face helps to realize much much faster at a glance how much time has elapsed since I last looked at the time. Usually with the digital face there is no visual representation of how much time has elapsed instead it just displays what is the current time and nobody remembers the previous time or calculates the difference. But with the analog face you can visually experience how much time has elapsed since you can clearly see how much the minute hand progressed and it shows how much % of the sector of the circle elapsed by, unlike a digital face where you can only see the current time. This helps your brain to realize if it wasted its last time interval and can motivate some people to reach their targets in time.

So if you have never tried an analog watch face on a smartwatch, give it a try and you will mostly thank me later. I hope this gives you a new perspective on such a simple detail and hope you have an amazing day.