# From hating to loving vim

During my undergradute days, I never put in the effort to learn or practice vim. Because I never knew its true potential and always disregarded it as a tool used back in the olden days when gui wasn't advanced enough.

But all this changed when I joined my first non intern company and then saw my senior dev who was also my reporting manager use vim to code very efficiently and effectively, and that too in IntelliJ using the IdeaVim plugin.

That following weekend, I put in 3 hours learning, exploring and training my muscle memory to use vim and I have not gone back ever since.

I can definitely say it has improved my efficiency in writing code and has also reduced my hand strain considerable by not having to switch between a keyboard and mouse.

I definitely have a long way to mastering vim and configuring all the plugins exactly to my needs, but I am definitely not going back to my old habits.